Our Services

The Expertologists have a unique pool of services that ensures the smooth delivery of the outcome as well as the compatibility of your communication with your market perception. Each team in The Expertologists has its contribution toward the optimal outcome.

Marketing and strategic planning

Believing that we are your extended marketing team makes us equally responsible for your business. We always put ourselves in your shoes when we think about your positioning in the market and how to improve it. Since you have the final decision about your business, we would always love to give you variety of options to choose from.

Our Marketing and strategic planning includes:
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  • Market research and analysis
  • Marketing planning and strategy development
  • Market targeting
  • Market segmentation
  • Market positioning analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Market share analysis
  • Expenses analysis
  • Product life cycle determination
  • Marketing plan implementation

Communication planning

It all starts with market researches to identify your position and growth opportunities then a complete communication plan will be tailored for you to drive your sales toward achieving a bigger success and to increase your market share using the latest market dynamics.

Our communication planning includes:
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  • Market targeting
  • Social media campaign development and implementation
  • Online and offline marketing communication implementation
  • Communication concept development
  • Communication campaign pre-testing
  • Mapping accessible communication resources
  • Communication campaign adaptation
  • Effective communication channels, techniques and tools
  • Communication campaign follow up and analysis reporting

Branding and identity development

Comprehensive branding is our additional value to extend your identity engagement. We care to build your new program identity to be extendable to more sub-program branding to ensure a complete constancy of your brand visibility toward your targeted audience.

Business to Business
Our branding and identity development includes:
  • Identity development
  • Logo concept development
  • Imagery selection
  • Identity guideline development

Conceptualization and marketing visualization

Changing the perspective of your brand, or implementing an additional value to your product or service, our marketing team will be developing fresh multi-layered concepts that evolve your ideas clearly as well as communicate your identity and style.

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Our team is ready to adapt your global concepts to fit your audiences' culture and values.

Marketing materials and tools

We take your marketing plan to the light and deliver its outcome to your targeted group. we tailor our marketing tools to fit your prospected market taste as well as communicate your message in an optimal way. Tools should be motivational to your brand with high quality development. It is tailored in a practical way to serve your objective as marketing professional as well as show your brand elegance.

Marketing tools
  • Electronic and printable marketing tools
  • Marketing detail aids
  • Promotional leave behinds
  • Gimmicks customization and development
  • Drop cards, flyers, brochures, and promotional hand outs
  • Tracking tools
  • Educational materials development
  • Client engagement tools
  • Demonstrative booklets and posters
  • Consumers promotional tools
  • And More

Collaterals development

We fulfil your communication campaign with a comprehensive collateral creation that inspires your targeted audience to interact with your materials and tools. Unlike the regular designs, we manage our creation to be unique and well perceived to your targeted audience and to be an added value to your communication.

  • Full collaterals development
  • Ready-made gimmicks and gifts branding
  • Customized gimmick and gift development
  • Company profile development
  • Customer loyalty program collaterals
  • Brochures, flyers, hand outs and booklets
  • Posters, ads and interior branding

Comprehensive event creation

The more your audience live inside your branding; the more it touches their needs and raise their willingness to interact with your communicated content. We design your events the way that ensures the maximum brand exposure, we would be happy to keep your attendees talking about your event and their positive impression about the ambiance created.

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  • Customized backdrops and stages creation
  • Foyer center pieces
  • Entrance gate customization and branding
  • Photo booth development
  • Registration desk
  • Signature board
  • Presentation template development
  • Event collaterals and hand out (branded block notes, pens, bottle wobblers, costers, etc.)
  • Event standees (roll ups, pop ups, danglers, flags, etc)
  • Event photography and videography
  • Events gimmicks and give aways

3D mock ups and booths development

A specific team of architects would be working along with our creative team to develop the most eye catchy mock ups and standees. These creations will be elegantly executed in the finest materials to attract your targeted audience. Once a public standee, we will ensure the interaction with the audience to allow them to interact and learn more about your brand. We would keep in mind the good impact of your product or service in the market and translate it into tangible stands that hold your materials.

3D Mockups

IT and video development

Digital media is the way forward. It guarantees better market access and enlarges the territory. Since we understand that this is the era of smart phones and digitals, we would develop your material on the electronic platform that secures the wider interaction with your audience.

Our videos are developed with a very sophisticated technique to attract your audience to watch them till the end and repeat it several times. We pitch your ideas in a way that keeps the audience hooked till the end.

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  • Introductory video development
  • Demonstrative video development
  • 3D and animated video development
  • Animated ads
  • Emailers
  • Web applications
  • Websites development
  • Social media optimization (SMO)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Mobile application development